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We have proven time & again that the only sustainable method for real weight loss, health, fitness and most importantly... happiness is based around the correct application of this simple Natural system of training and lifestyle that we have developed at Access Fitness Dublin.

Aideen Pollard

I remember during my consultation asking John how he motivates people and he informed me that the motivation comes from within each individual. It will happen when I see the results I'm achieving from the work that I have put in. I realised at that moment that all this time, I had been looking for answers outside myself, looking for someone else to do the work for me, looking for a magic pill or quick fix that was going to sort everything out, when all along it was down to me (Sobering thought!!).

Derek Griffith

I have now been training at Access Fitness Dublin for 12 months and have seen some amazing results. Since starting i have lost 7.5 stone and i feel great. I’ve never enjoyed training so much.

It’s been hard work but fun and if you’re committed John and the rest of the team will help you to get the results you want.

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